From Our Table to Yours


Hi I am Gloria – I was born and raised in Spain. Did you know that Spain, roughly the size of California, produces more than 50% of all the olive in the world? I grew up around it and it has become my passion. When I moved to the USA I couldn’t find an olive oil I liked, this is when I discovered that in the US we only produced 5% of all the olive oil we consume. As an olive oil sommelier, I wanted to make sure that the other 95% that arrives to our people is the best quality. It is my calling to educate everyone on how great olive oil is and show them the proof!

As olive oil sommeliers, we have selected a great team of olive oil farmers, producers and industry experts so that we can ensure that the olive oil you have access to will be of the highest quality. We will source your olive oil, package it and delivery it directly to you!

We will bring you the tastiest, healthiest and most sustainable extra virgin olive oil; whether for your brand, store, parties or gifting.